Blake Made, Kraft Bags

Kraft bags

Discover how we have helped brands enhance their packaging with functional yet stylish Kraft Bags.

Blake Made, E-commerce Boxes

Ecommerce Boxes

Blake Made, Envelopes and Wallets

Envelopes, Folders & Wallets

Our full range of bespoke envelopes is here to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. 

Blake Made, Protective Padded Mailers

Protective Mailers

The most environmentally friendly padded envelopes on the market.

Blake Made, Bespoke Products, Group Image

Blake Made, Carrier Bags

Carrier Bags

Explore our range of paper carrier bags whether for retail stores or presentation packaging. 

Blake Made, Presentation Boxes

Presentation Boxes

Create an unboxing experience unique to you, that your customers will remember. 

Blake Made, Accessories


Great custom packaging speaks directly to the quality of your brand, which is why the little touches can make all the difference to your brand packaging experience.